Doctor of Philosophy, Cross-Cultural Psychology and Education
The Union Institute and University | Cincinnati, Ohio | July 2003                                                      Interdisciplinary program, Dissertation title: Learning from intercultural experience in the lives of Turkish and Euro-American women.

Master of Arts, Psychology
Antioch University | Seattle, Washington |March 1990
Interdisciplinary program: clinical psychology, intercultural communication and cultural factors in psychology.

Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary                                                                                                    The Evergreen State College | Olympia,  Washington | May 1983
Interdisciplinary program:  psychology, sociology and anthropology.

Major: Comparative Religion Minor: Psychology                                                                 Harvard University | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Sept. 1977- May 1979                                  


7/2014- present  Psychotherapist and Coach      Private Practice,    Seattle, Washington               Providing  psychotherapy and internet coaching services to individuals, couples and groups.  Special focus areas: Cultural adjustment, sexuality and intimacy, couples therapy, and trauma informed treatment for survivors and perpetrators of abuse.  

10/2008-present   Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychologist/Consultant, Founder and Director                    Pomegranate Connection Program,  Ankara, Turkey and Seattle Washington                Cross-cultural psychotherapy research, training and consultation services. Organizational and project development and management in this international non-governmental organization focused on sexual and family violence.

Projects and clients include:

  • American Bar Assoc. Rule of Law Initiative, Turkey. Two day trainings in three cities for lawyers and Syrians providing legal aid services to Syrians in Turkey.  Topic areas: trauma informed services, cultural issues in implementation of law, and gender based violence.
  • UNFPA, Gender Based Violence Consultant, Turkey Country Office Ankara.  Developing and implementing a GBV prevention and intervention program for Syrians in Turkey.
  • US Department of State, Cross-cultural comparisons, family and sexual violence in the United States and Turkey, best practices in prevention and treatment. A speaking tour in Bursa and Izmir, Turkey.
  • US Department of State, Effective Treatment and Prevention of Family Violence in the Name of “Honor”: Cross-Cultural Professional Dialog, one month speaking tour in New York City and Washington State, USA.
  • Bahçeşehir University Law School and American Bar Association, Istanbul: Designing and delivering training for professionals in ten different districts around Turkey.
  • Individual and Societal Mental Health Association, Ankara: Clinical research and trauma treatment.
  • Çankaya Municipality Shelter House, Ankara: Ongoing training for staff and organizational development services. Part time, 2 years.
  • Gaziantep Şahinbey Lions Club, Gaziantep: Organizing a Service Network confronting violence against women in Gaziantep Municipality. 12 month project
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ankara: Training for staff with attention to Secondary Trauma and Gender Based Violence.
  • Civil Society Development Center, Adana: Training staff of İştar Women’s Counseling Center in Mersin.
  • Turkish Ministry of Justice, Prisons and Probation, Ankara: Consultation on development of sexual violence victims services program within the Turkish national probation department.
  • Flying Broom Women's Communications and Research Association, Ankara: Project development and management support. 

3/2013- 7/2014     Gender Based Violence Consultant                                                                      United Nations Population Fund, Ankara Turkey                                                                           Developing and implementing a GBV prevention and intervention program as part of the Humanitarian Team serving Syrians in Turkey due to the Syrian civil war. Included a pilot training and public education program in refugee camps and responsibility for a Turkish National GBV Working Group in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy and Disaster and Emergency Directorate. 

9/2010- 2/2011       Guest Instructor                                                                                                Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey                                                                   Teaching an undergraduate psychology course: Applied Topics in Cross-cultural Psychology.

9/1997-10/2008      Founding Director                                                                                         PeaceWorks International, Bainbridge Island, Washington                                                        Founding member of Directors Group for non-profit educational and consulting organization. Organizational development consultation, and administrative services. Developing and implementing cross-cultural programs.

3/2003 – 10/2008      Psychotherapist                                                                                                  Private Practice, Bremerton and Bainbridge Island, Washington                                                       Individual, group, couple and family therapy in a private practice setting.

9/2004-6/2008       Adjunct/ Visiting Lecturer                                                                          Seattle University, Psychology Department, Seattle, Washington                                     Teaching undergraduate psychology courses, Growth and Development, Psychology of Gender, Introduction to Psychology and Senior Seminar.

10/2002-10/2003    Initiative Co-ordinator                               
Lisle Incorporated, Leander Texas
Developer and co-ordinator of an initiative for this non-profit intercultural education organization. Develop and co-ordinate the creation of collaborative program. Design and implement with collaborators programs that train teachers to be effective leaders of diverse intercultural groups

1/1995-5/2001    Adjunct /Visiting Professor                       
St. Martins College, Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology Program, and Undergraduate Psychology departments.  Olympia Washington
Teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses:
Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Body/MindPsychology, Assessment and Treatment Planning, Introduction to Psychology, Human Sexuality, Psychology of the Family, Culture and Psychology.

7/2001 & 8/2002    Leader/ International Cultural Exchange Programs               
PeaceWorks International and Lisle Incorporated

Developed and co-led 3 week programs based in Oregon for highly diverse groups of participants from North America, Turkey and other countries.  Theme: sustainable living and housing projects in Western Oregon.

7/2000 & 5/2002    Leader/ International Cultural Exchange Program               
Lisle Fellowship, Temperance Michigan
Developed 3 week programs and led groups of Americans traveling in Turkey; Themes were people-to-people cultural exchange, and contemporary Turkish women.

1/1991- 9/2000    Group Co-ordinator                                      
Olympia Mental Health Service, Group Health Cooperative
Development and coordination of group therapy program for outpatient mental health department in a Health Maintenance Organization.

3/1990- 9/2000    Masters Level Therapist                                  
Group Health Cooperative, Olympia Washington
Providing brief psychotherapy, crisis intervention and group psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.

9/1999-5/2000    Teacher                                   
Olympia Waldorf School, Olympia Washington
Taught Life Skills: Social and Emotional Education course to 6th and 7th grades.

7/1999    Leader/ International Cultural Exchange Program               
HeartWarrior Institute and Lisle Incorporated
Developed and led program in Washington State for North American and Turkish high school students.  Theme: environmental restoration projects in collaboration with local Native American tribes.

6-7/1998    Leader/ International Cultural Exchange Program                
Lisle Fellowship, Temperance Michigan
Developed program and led a group of Americans traveling in Turkey, Visiting ancient goddess related sites for 3 1/2 weeks.

9/1995- 4/1996    Associate Organizational Development Consultant               
Organizational Resource Group,  Olympia Washington
Participated in development, marketing and provision of consultation services for this Organizational Development Consultation Firm.

7/1994    Unit Leader in Training/ International Cultural Exchange Program       
Lisle Fellowship, Temperance Michigan
Leader in Training for a group of sixteen Americans visiting community development projects in Uganda, East Africa for 3 1/2 weeks.

1989-1993    Teacher                                         
The Evergreen State College, Leisure Education Program
Development and teaching of five workshops and one 10 week course on myth, creativity and psycho-spiritual enrichment for women.

1990-1995    Grays Harbor College, Women’s Studies Program             
Presented workshops at five conferences and retreats on storytelling, myth, and women’s psycho-spiritual development.

5/1989- 3/1990    Mental Health Specialist/ Intern                              
Group Health Cooperative, Olympia Washington
Providing intake, crisis intervention, brief focal psychotherapy and co-leading groups under direct supervision.

6/1984-6/1988    Owner /Operator                                        
Mother Pearl Mushrooms, Deadwood Oregon
Developed and co-operated this family agricultural business, growing oyster mushrooms.

9/1982- 6/1983    Paraprofessional Counselor/ Intern                          
The Evergreen State College, Counseling Center,  Olympia Washington
Providing group and individual counseling services at this student operated center.


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