Pomegranate Connection In Turkey

Pomegranate Connection began with collaborative projects in Turkey. Leyla Welkin and Turkish colleagues conducted research on trauma treatment and cultural adaptation of clinical methods. Leyla then partnered with non-governmental and governmental organizations to provide training, consultation and research to prevent, intervene in and treat sexual abuse and family violence. In Turkey we learned new ways to create strong, community-based support for healthy lives for women, girls and families. Pomegranate Connection projects now focus most often on violence in the lives of migrants, refugees and the service providers and host communities that support them. 



  • Training for Service Providers
  • Presentations and Workshops
  • Professional Supervision and Case Consultation 


Previous Partners


Leyla assisted in an entirely voluntary capacity developing training for the Turkish Probation Service in the area of sexual and domestic violence…. Her facilitative manner, humour and extensive knowledge both of the subject area and of Turkish culture made a hugely positive impact on this part of the programme.
— Maggie Lomax, Psychotherapist and Trainer