Crossing Cultures: Consultation, Training, Psychotherapy, and Research

Pomegranate Connection is the consulting, training and research business of Leyla Welkin PhD. The Pomegranate Connection grew out of Turkish, European and American professionals and activists collaborating to prevent, intervene in and treat sexual and family violence. We discovered that understanding similarities and differences in experiences of violence around the world increased our effectiveness. We are committed to work with both survivors and perpetrators of violence. Since 2013 our projects have focused mostly on migrants and the effects of violence on refugee, migrant and host service providers and communities. We consult and train to build sustainable, healthy communities for everyone, no exceptions.

Relating effectively, creatively and sustainably across cultural differences requires skill. Good cross-cultural relationships are founded on open awareness, readiness to learn, and self knowledge. Culture is the process by which we define our values, make meaning and understand experience. Leyla skillfully supports individuals, families and communities to adapt, learn and relate more effectively. 


  • Training for Service Providers
  • Presentations and Workshops
  • Professional Case Consultation and Supervision
  • Sustainable Community Building

Learn MORe ABoUT CRoss-Cultural Psychology




Programs in Turkey Nar Baği

Our story began in Turkey and then expanded to other parts of Europe and the United States.

Turkish, American and European clinician trainers and consultants partner with non-governmental and governmental organizations to provide training, consultation and research. Preventing violence, empowering women and girls and building healthy families and communities.                                                   

 Projects and Programs


Migrants and REfugees

Violence, war, economic deprivation and climate change increasingly force people to migrate. As people move from one place to another too often they are vulnerable and encounter violence. Host communities also fear the impact of newcomers and unfamiliar people. Pomegranate Connection trains and prepares service providers for effective cross-cultural prevention, intervention and reduction of violence. 

Projects and Programs



True Friend is a compact self help guide for women who have been sexually abused and for their relatives, friends and the people who provide services to them. In clear, accessible language the book describes the physiological, psychological and social effects of interpersonal trauma. True Friend offers practical exercises and activities that survivors can use to help calm and soothe themselves, and provides information and advice for people who want to be helpful to survivors.